Frank Dekkers

Oorverdovend Stil
Dick Adelaar | Margot Fretz | Jeroen Hermkens | Bianca Ruiz | Christina Hosman, 2015

Publisher: Uitgeverij De Kunst.

ISBN: 978 94 6263 010 9

Dimensions: 22 x 22 cm

pages: 120

It is deafeningly quiet in the landscapes painted by Frank Dekkers. The human absence is the great attraction of his paintings. You feel the winter, the bright sun, the cold rain. You experience the peace and space of the country.


Dick Adelaar (art historian), Christina Hosman (intervieuws Akke Schutte) and Bianca Ruiz (owner De KunstSalon, Utrecht) describe his way of working and thinking in their essays. The story by Jeroen Hermkens (friend and artist) and the black and white photos by Rick Strooper show how Frank Dekkers moves into the landscape to paint.