Nichola & Anthony Theakston

8 - 29 March 2020

De KunstSalon proudly presents the duo exhibition by artist couple Nichola Theakston and Anthony Theakston on Sunday 8 March at 3 p.m. Both artists are leading in the genre of animal sculptures and are enthusiastically collected internationally.

Nichola's work focuses on the fragility of existence and coexistence. She questions our perception of an animal's 'personality' and strives to portray elements of our shared world. It is important to Nichola that animals are depicted with attention and that her images also invite empathy and reflection.

Anthony, who draws his inspiration from the shape and movement of birds, simplifies the birds and omits more and more details until only the essence of the animal remains. The stylized birds are reduced to a contrast between curves and angular shapes. The result is a sleek and expressive shape that beautifully reflects the character of the bird. It is very important to Anthony that his work is ultimately beautiful to see and to touch.