Philipp Liehr



Philipp Liehr first discovered his extraordinary dexterity as a dental technician. He soon perfected this artistically as a cartoonist and during his training as a sculptor.


Today, Liehr is known for his contemporary wooden sculptures, which shine above all technically through his fine feeling for surface structures - such as skin, fabric or hair. His work has won several awards and has been presented in numerous exhibitions. The artist lives and works in Munich, as well as in a remote exile in the Austrian mountains.


Philipp Liehr's sculptures show supposedly unspectacular, anonymous people, some of whom are clothed and others who are undressing. His repertoire also includes fictional characters from the comic world, mixed creatures and animals. The mundane has always come into focus more than the heroic. What really defines people beyond social roles? By playing with different proportions, subtle or masked facial expressions and humorous accessories, the figures also reflect a bit on us.