Jeroen Dercksen


Jeroen Dercksen

Jeroen Dercksen (1956) paints and draws both figuratively and abstractly. He has been combining both techniques and genres for over 30 years and has thus built up various collections.

The thematic collection 'Life' consists of portraits, paintings and drawings of people who symbolize important experiences in life, from birth to death. Imaginations of vulnerability, humour, loneliness, strength, love, eroticism and loyalty. In his drawings on paper and the iPad drawings, the human figure is central.

The iPad drawings
Jeroen imports one of his unique, model-made drawings into his iPad and then enters a new world. A digital microcosm with an inexhaustible palette of visual possibilities. He uses these photographic and drawing capabilities; zooms in on the planes and lines, enlarges, reduces and changes the contrasts, colors, patterns and structures. The result: surprising effects that you cannot create with traditional painting materials. While retaining the emotional expressiveness of his analogue drawing, a new work of art is created, with a new dynamic and spatial experience.

They are printed on high quality dibond in an edition of 10.