Christina Julsgaard


Christina Julsgaard

The Danish artist Christina Julsgaard puts lots of positive energy and deep emotion into all of her modern art works. This is brought to life through contrasting and minimalistic shapes that can be experienced in her brass sculptures.


The modern sculptures contribute both to mood, atmosphere, as well as personal growth. Thoughts and feelings are often unsaid, but when an implicit form of communication arises between the artist and the observer, they can be expressed by means of visual manifestation.


Thus, Christina Julsgaard's unique brass sculptures allow for the release of thoughts and feelings in a unique fashion. Depending on the observer in question, a new experience will unfold every time a sculpture is observed.


All of the brass sculptures are unique, as each sculpture has been cast and treated differently, making its surface one of a kind. Each sculpture has its own imperfect surface with stains, scratches, brushstrokes and individual polish.