Frank Dekkers


Frank Dekkers

Frank Dekkers is a landscape painter par excellence. Full of dedication and diligence he always works on location outdoors, defying the elements. The weather plays an important role in his work: an emerging early winter, heavy summer rain, lightning storms and flaming sunsets form endless sources of inspiration. 


Dekkers masters many techniques, such as etching, woodcutting, ink drawing and painting in oil. Whatever the technique he uses, his work is always recognizable by his unique signature.


Like 19th century painters as Monet or Renoir he takes his easel, panel and oil paint outside where Frank Dekkers finds the peace and quiet to create his paintings. Being outside, experiencing the landscape, the passing of the day, is what makes him paint. 


He can accurately depict the essence of the landscape, using minimal resources. By reducing his subjects to lines, surfaces, colors and light, he shows us his interpretation of the landscape without it becoming unrecognizable to those who haven’t been there.


On the back of every panel Frank notes down the coordinates, the exact spot Frank painted the landscape. Type in the coordinates in Google Maps and you can stand where he stood. 


Frank Dekkers studied at the Academy of Visual Arts in Utrecht (the Netherlands) and was featured in several sola and group exhibitions in museums and galleries at home and abroad.