Ans Zondag

Als Gegoten
Willem van Leeuwen | Marjet Maks | Bianca Ruiz | Chris Stewart, 2011

Publisher: Uitgeverij De Kunst.

ISBN: 978 94 91196 01 0

Dimensions: 23 x 20 cm

pages: 119

A powerful bull, a newborn calf, a graceful horse; the bronze sculptures of Dutch artist Ans Zondag are all enchanting.


She moves people with her sculptures because she knows how to capture the animals in their purest form. Her sculptures are personal and full of emotion. They have their origin in the middle of nature and are closely linked to her way of life.


Ans Zondag's sculptures take the observer along to a simpler life, to a world in which people and animals live close to nature.


In 'Als Gegoten' the work and life of Ans Zondag is beautifully described and depicted.