Yvonne Michiels

The Power of Vulnerability
Lenny Gerdes | Bianca Ruiz, 2018

Publisher: Waanders Uitgevers Zwolle.

ISBN: 978 94 6262 203 6

Dimensions: 30 x 30 cm

pages: 80

Vulnerability is a constant theme in the work of photo artist Yvonne Michiels. City life and the transience of beauty are subjects that Yvonne observes in the world around her and incorporates in her photographic compositions. 


Take, for example, those in which the female models are crowned with huge Afros filled with merging images of the modern metropolis. The power of the images resides in the contrats between the calm gaze of the model and the bustling city scenes surrounding her. The pictures symbolise the universal search for serenity amid the frenzy of modern life.


The Power of Vulnerability presents an overview of her expressive portraits for the first time. It is a snapshot of her work, an interim homage to an off-beat artist who hails from Brabant, but operates on the world stage.