Art in the Office

The formula for art in the office in short:
- Payment of artworks in 40 monthly installments
- The full monthly amount is saved for you
- Possibility to exchange individual works within 12 months
- The costs for borrowing and exchange includes advice and transport

With art you get a special businesscard for your organization. Works of art that match the corporate culture are a means of propagating your vision to the environment. Translating your company values into art is an exclusive way to distinguish yourself. For a successful, dynamic company, art serves as an excellent means of communication.

We offer you expertise combined with excellent personal service. Our team consists of skilled art historians with a passion for the profession. Together with you, we select works of art that not only match the design and architecture of your building, but also match your corporate culture.

What further distinguishes gallery De KunstSalon is our unique formula for art in the office. This is how it works: the price of the borrowed artworks is divided by forty monthly instalments. The monthly amount is fully saved for you and with the accumulated credit you can eventually buy works of art for the office. This way gallery De KunstSalon enables you to build an art collection in an affordable way.

It becomes even more interesting for you, because you have an one year reflection period for each individually borrowed artwork. This way, our formula offers organizations the opportunity to display works of art within changing exhibitions.


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