Edith Snoek


Edith snoek

Children play the leading role in Edith Snoek's work, and they are a recurring element in almost all of her paintings. Her captivating ''girls'' hang in many living rooms. Looks full of doubt, affection or sometimes a little shy. Clearly still a child, but already a real individual with his own character. They are children as children should be: themselves, without wanting to pretend to be better or prettier.


Edith translates a personal memory, an emotion or a unique experience onto the canvas, whereby the sober tones and the abrupt cut-offs evoke a feeling of alienation and stillness. By depicting the children's vulnerability, Edith Snoek knows how to subtly involve you in an intimate, tender event.


Edith Snoek graduated in 2003 from the Koninklijke Academie van Beeldende Kunst in The Hague.