Mònica Castanys


MòNica castanys

The Spanish artist Mònica Castanys is inspired by everyday scenes. Moments, femininity and light are the basis of her paintings. Her color palette is reminiscent of the Impressionist, but with an expressive touch and her gaze is mainly focused on the female figure.

'I like to get lost in a city until something catches my eye. It could be the light, a person, or the sunlight reflecting off a glass of water'.

She works with oil on panel as this allows her to explore different techniques during the creative process.

'When I consider the most important elements in my creative process, the first strokes of the composition are the most instinctive part. The best thing about starting a painting is that you never know how it will end.'

Mònica Castanys graduated in 1993 from the School of Art and Design in Barcelona. She lives and works in San Just Desvem.