Anna Mars

Anna Mars' sculptural works show human busts, but also limbs and organs. The titles of the figures - such as Anger, Wisdom and Ignorance - are states of consciousness that have elementary meaning for everyone.
These busts, animals and chimeras, on their always similar chests, not only have human heads attached to them, and their closed eyes, moreover, appear to be turned inwards, as if to say: See how I find myself in sleep!
On the other side are the artist's installations: in them, the human being is broken down into its individual parts, one could understand them as a kind of catalogue of human quality carriers, embodied by things like heart, brain, hand and foot, formed from white porcelain, they become a map of human states of mind. What constitutes the fullness of existence becomes a figurative cosmos of life in Anna Mars' arrangements. Everything seems to belong to it: If one were to leave out the heaviness, what would the lightness mean?