Alessandro Casetti


alessandro casetti

After graduating from the Istituto d'Arte in Sansepolcro, Arezzo, the Italian musician and artist Alessandro Casetti (Bagno di Romagna, 1981) entered the Art Academy of Florence, where he studied for a year.

He experimented with different painting techniques, which refined his skills and, encouraged through constant research to further explore the rich world of the figurative arts. Music goes hand in hand with art and represents a fossil fuel that continuously fuels his creativity.


To create his work, he uses industrial paints, mainly water-based and turpentine-based paints, which he applies to wood or canvas via gravity. Allowing it to dry on the backing causes the colors to take on different shapes and textures, thicken, crack and create the effect of craquelure. This makes the work come alive. The effect is that you have something infinitely large or infinitely small in front of you; a satellite image of a planet, the cracks in parched earth, fossils of ancient lakes, or perhaps, on the other end of the spectrum, the slow progression of mold seen through a microscope. The macrocosm and the microcosm enter into dialogue, mix and merge.


The attitude with which we approach life creates fertile ground for developing ways of acting and thinking. Everything that happens to us is nothing but the evolution of conscious and unconscious intentions nesting in the deepest and most unexplored abyss of the soul. We are used to thinking that it is mainly external factors and the people around us that determine our future. We are almost never willing to question our decisions to imagine that we might be the silent protagonists of this tangled thing. Maybe it's because it's easier to disguise ourselves as victims and blame our failures on others than to put ourselves on the front lines.


With his paintings he metaphorically depicts all emotional processes that take place inside and outside our own body, through the skin. A skin that, like a geographical map, tells the undiscovered latitudes of our most intimate and deep inner self. A psychedelic journey that aims to draw attention inward, not outward. One that points the finger at the crooked and subtle margins of our ego. Because it is precisely in the latter that the root of everything that will eventually happen outside is born. Color cracks that open into a space where everything dissolves, perhaps to make way for a better and more responsible future.