Laetitia de Haas


Laetitia de haas

The relaxed atmosphere is characteristic of the oil paintings by Dutch artist Laetitia de Haas. Her work radiates a distinction and tranquility that we often lack in the everyday world. The understated modesty of her painting style and her depictions, which is reflected in perfect balance and harmony, stands in stark contrast to today's exaggerated culture. The warm simplicity her work radiates expresses a warmth that attracts us all.


It is therefore not surprising that countless greeting cards have been made of her oeuvre. Nature, cultivated by man, is often the subject of her work, such as gardens, parks and flower arrangements. Romantic interiors, houses and vistas are also her favorites. People are often physically absent from Laetitia de Haas's paintings, although their presence can be clearly felt. The remains of human activity, such as chairs, tables, tea utensils, suggest human presence. If people are portrayed, they do not play a central role and they only have a serving function for the whole of the composition. 


Laetitia does not have painting from a stranger. Her mother is the well-known painter Willy Belinfante, whose work shows clear similarities with that of her daughter. Art is a natural element for her. Or, as she says herself: "I am glad that my work appeals to so many people, but even if no one would want to buy it, I will still keep busy. Painting is a necessity for me, I cannot resist it ".


Laetitia works diligently and with great discipline, which is reflected in the large number of works she has made and the excellent quality of them. Apparently, her paintings and etchings exude an atmosphere of carefreeness, which does not mean that her work is created with the same naturalness. 


Laetitia de Haas studied at the Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam