Rachel Ann Stevenson


Rachel Ann Stevenson

The mysterious artworks by Rachel Ann Stevenson invite you into a dream world. Rachel Ann sees artists as day dreamers who can show the impossible to the world. Her sculptures resemble human beings, but at the same time they are not from this world. Frozen in time they reflect fairytale worlds. 


The subjects within Stevenson's work are inherently autobiographical as she creates starkly beautiful and at once haunting images, drawing on feelings of vulnerability, love, loss, longing, to desire and finally to be desired, In short, life in all its strained and strange beauty.


Stevenson's highly detailed sculptures show a gentle empathy towards her subjects.  She has created an untamed world of shadows in which once seen follow beside us quietly, softly beckon the viewer to abandon themselves to the 'familiar comfort beyond the gloaming' where the dreamer can 'invite peace through the jolting madness of a lucid mind'. 


The artworks capture untamed porcelain creatures whose familiar, yet unearthly spirit hold your gaze whilst simultaneously daring you to follow them into the darkness.  Virtuous in their pale nakedness yet inherently willful and dangerous in their solitary nocturnal wanderings.


Rachel Ann Stevenson studied at various institutes, including the NULC College of Art and Design and the Oval School of Figurative Sculpture.