Jenny Boot


Jenny boot

Jenny Boot started painting as a form of self-expression. After a while she chose to study photography. She graduated in Amsterdam in 2012 as a fashion photographer. In her graduation year she had exhibitions in Paris and New York, but she wanted to work for fashion magazines. The art world discovered her in 2015 and showed her work on many different international art fairs. It’s part of various prestigious art collections.


Jenny Boot is best described as a modern artist with roots in the 17th century. Boot is a master in creating and capturing the best lighting conditions to make her models directly catch everyone’s eye. They are strong and vulnerable at the same time. There is as much to be learned from Boot's accessorizing as from the expression (or lack thereof) she asks of the model. 


All Boot's photographs have a secret life. While you look at her work, understand that there are mysteries presented against the dark, offered up for your investigation. Or you may choose to take what you see at face value. Literally. Jenny doesn't differentiate between interpretations for her viewers. Rather, it's your mystery and you will solve it. 


Her majestic portraits are highly valued worldwide.