Nichola Theakston


nichola theakston

Nichola Theakston has established herself as one of the UK's foremost contemporary sculptors working within the animal genre. 


Nichola's work focuses on the vulnerability of existence and coexistence. She questions our perceptio of an animal's ''personality'' and strives to portray elements of our shared experience. It is important for Nichola that animals are displayed with attention and that her sculptures also invite empathy and reflection.


Studying art at the Jacob Kramer College of Art, then a degree in Fine /art at the Exeter College of Art and Design and finally a Masters-degree in Ceremics at Cardiff College of Art and Design, Nichola Theakston has combined academic excellence with an international reputation as a preeminent sculptor.


Nichola is collected enthusiastically by many who appreciate her exceptional natural ability and skill, coupled with sensitivity and awareness of her subject.