Richard van Mensvoort


Richard van Mensvoort

The realistic impressionist style of Richard van Mensvoort is characterised by his use of light. As a child, Van Mensvoort was already drawing and his passion for art always kept existing. He is still inspired by the same themes that already addressed him as a child. These themes are people, animals and their surroundings.


In his paintings, Van Mensvoort strives to reality but also wants to capture the moment in the right ambiance. He is inspired by nature and the daily city life. His observations are transferred into colourful paintings that balance on the edge of realism and impressionism.


To 'experience' the city (or the landscape) properly, Richard van Mensvoort sets off with his camera. He often takes snapshots of the surroundings on foot. A street, a canal, a park, a tree. This way he can quickly catch the light of the moment and save it for later. He uses these photos and his memory in his studio to form the basis for his paintings in oil paint.


Richard van Mensvoort lives and works in the picturesque Megen in the south of the Netherlands, but gets his inspiration from all corners of the world.