Ans Zondag


Ans Zondag

After studying Fine Art in the Netherlands Ans Zondag spent several years abroad in order to explore different artistic areas and to establish which technique suited her best. During this exploratory phase, her work included performances, installations and conceptual art. Afterwards, she initially focussed on graphic art and her woodcuts, linocuts and etchings were included in several expositions.  


Ans abandoned graphic art and since 1990, she has completely focussed on sculpture. 


Since 1991, when Ans travelled to Spain in order to study her passion, the Andalusian horse, she spends a significant amount of the year in Andalusia. Surrounded by orchards with oranges and limes, Ans lives on her Andalusian farm amidst sheep, horses, donkeys, birds, dogs and many other animals. 


Animals are part of her existence, closely tied to her daily routine. On the farm in Spain, far away from the daily bustle of the city, she is able to be constantly in touch with animals and nature. The surroundings she lives and works in are closely connected to her art and her love for her subjects is very tangible in her bronzes. A strong bull, a new-born calf or a graceful horse, she knows how to capture the animals in their purest form. 


The characteristic patina on Ans’s bronzes was developed by the artist herself and adds to the appearance of the works.