Amy Devlin


Amy devlin

Amy Devlin portrays people, animals, or nature in her works, but what really matters to her are light and water, which she wants to capture in the form of a physical memory. By following her passion for paint, she tries to portray reality, expressing her feelings in the expressive colors she uses. Her paintings show a fascination for the movement and texture of water, which is depicted in vibrant colors in her works. 


Her hybrid painting style combines realism with impressionism in a very interesting way, which provides a different view of the world and our memories of it. Devlin likes the unexpected, looks at things from a crazy angle and imagines. 


After her painting style remained very realistic, almost photographic, for years, Amy Devlin recently developed a more expressive, looser style. She brings the bodies in the water to the foreground and abstracts the light blue water. 


However, the representation is still clearly recognizable, although the color palette is completely different from previous works. The artist uses the smooth compliance of oil paint, which, in combination with her unconventional choice of colors: bright neon colors, gives a special effect. She believes that everything from nature is never one color. These consist of all kinds of textures, shadows and light. Her goal is to achieve this layered effect with complex and bold color compositions.


Devlin grew up in New Zealand and has lived in the UK for over twenty years. She has lived and worked in the Kent countryside since 2015. In her studio in her beautiful garden she indulges in the creative process.