Sasja Wagenaar


Sasja wagenaar

Sasja Wagenaar is inspired by our classic masters from the seventeenth century, a flourishing period in Dutch painting. The century in which new continents, markets and arts were discovered.  At that time in the Netherlands it was a real fad to collect chinoiserie. Originally porcelain, but also Dutch pottery, also known as Delft blue, inspired by Chinese and especially by Japanese bowls and vases. 


To quote Sasja Wagenaar: ‘Every platter, every bowl is already so much in itself. They were made with great care and went through hundreds of hands before they ended up here. Their character must be respected in composing the story that forms a still life. They are as alive as the blossom branches and I try to let them speak together. Slowly the image is created’. 


Although rooted in the 17th century Dutch tradition, her work shows her very own signature and is contemporary. As a true Modern Dutch Master Sasja knows how to nourish silence and well-being in extraordinarily serene compositions. She paints 'living' models, she doesn’t use photography and she uses acrylic, which is also a reference to our time.


She signs every painting with a beautiful ‘W’, always aware of the strive that the next work will hopefully be even closer to her absolute ideal.