About Us

De KunstSalon, established in 1991, is located in the historic city of Utrecht in the Netherlands and is known for art historical expertise, personal advice and a passion for contemporary, figurative art.


 The ever-changing and carefully composed collection consists of work by established names such as Jenny Boot, Nichola Theakston, Sasja Wagenaar, Ans Zondag, Yvonne Michiels, René Smoorenburg and Anthony Theakston and promising artists from abroad such as Alessandro Casetti, Ewa Rzeznik, Amy Devlin and Karoline Kroiss.


Old Dutch Masters have enjoyed a unique position in the history of art as early as the 17th century. It is this position, in combination of a modern perspective, that constitutes the foundation of our collection.


The artists represented by our gallery continue to work in the tradition of the Golden Age. They develop new takes on traditional themes and motifs, and reinvent techniques to fit contemporary tastes. Their emphasis on quality and craftsmanship however results in timeless works.


 While the emphasis is on Modern Dutch Masters, we also offer a wide range of sculpture, graphics and mixed media.