Peter van Poppel



Peter van Poppel (1945) is one of the most important new realists in the Netherlands. His paintings are often populated by lovely, sometimes fairytale-like figures. Each painting has something magical and childlike about it. Although his work appears very contemporary, the art lover immediately recognizes the influence of old masters such as Rembrandt and Carel Farbritius.


Van Poppel's works, usually modest in size, continue to intrigue. The scenes sometimes seem ordinary, but each one transcends reality. The painter creates a dreamlike fantasy world full of hidden meanings, iconographic references and references to other works. The enchanting works of art are always open to multiple interpretations. Although the people who figure in his work appear naive and innocent at first sight, they often seem to harbor desires and secrets.


Peter van Poppel is also unique in terms of painting style. He works just as delicately as old masters like Vermeer, with a lot of attention and love for detail. Once you are familiar with his oeuvre, you will not soon forget it. He knows how to put his own subtle sense of humor in his work. They are paintings to fall in love with.