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Rachel Ross

Rachel Ross is drawn to the every day posessions of previous generations. For Rachel, the objects represent undiscovered histories and lives. Over time, her subjects have become worn due to handling and use. This makes them visually intersting but their worn appearance also raises questions about their history. Therefore, Rachel meticulously recreates their form, patina and colour in paint. By observing her subjects closely, she can understand them and the stories they represent. 

Rachel sees her work as an appreciation of the objects as they are and what they might mean to the artist and the viewer.


In the 1980s, Rachel Ross graduated from Central St Martins after which she worked as an illustrator for 20 years. Since 2010, she paints full time. In 2010 she was awarded the Art Exposure Gallery Award in 2012 whe was runner up in the Lynn Painter-Stainers Prize.


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